How to Clean Your Gutters

The guttering on your roof work as small troughs that collect water when it rains. The gutter system will come together at down spouts to ensure the water being drained doesn’t damage the building or the property around it.

With each roof inspection, you should check out the guttering and look for any blockages or damage in the gutter material. Often leaves, dirt and debris will get caught in the gutters of house and will prevent rainfall from properly draining. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your gutters and clean them out at least twice a year – during spring and autumn, as well as after any major storms.

Your gutters protect both your house and your landscape, so it’s important to take care of them. Roof Repairs Sydney can get expensive and complicated if your gutters are not properly maintained. Not sure how to properly clean them out? Below we’ve listed the necessary steps to cleaning gutters.

1.     Use a Ladder

Trying to clean the gutters from the roof is both dangerous and inefficient. The best way to access the gutters is with a good, sturdy ladder. Always place the ladder on a flat surface and use a ladder stabilizer for safety. Never attempt to use ladders by yourself, always have another person around when you’re cleaning your gutters in case of an accident.

2.     Appropriate Work Wear

Your gutters are likely dirty and scrappy. Make sure you’ve got some old clothes on you don’t mind getting dirty, and a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the debris.

3.     Use A Plastic Scoop

Buy a plastic scoop from your local hardware store to make it easier to scoop up all of the gunk in your gutters.

4.     Hose Them Down

Once the gutters are clean, hose them down to get rid of any last debris. This will also help any pesky leaks come to light.


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